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Before introducing ourselves, we ask you to ask yourself two questions.

Firstly, does your legal practice have substantial capital tied up in holding costs for outlays in personal injury claims?

Secondly, is the operation of your legal practice hamstrung by the burden of paying the costs of medico-legal reports and other outlays well in advance of resolutions?

If the answer to either of these questions is "Yes", Outlays Funding Services Pty Ltd (OFS) can help.

OFS provides funding to law firms for reports from medico-legal, engineers, accountants, investigators and other outlays in personal injury matters. We pay the providers direct and the expert reports are released to you. This speeds up the process of advancing claims while improving your relationships with these valuable stakeholders.

With appropriate wording in your client agreements, dealing with OFS allows you to pass on the holding costs to the clients and pay OFS at the conclusion of matters.

The approval process is streamlined and not intrusive.

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